Monday, February 25, 2013

Putting Food on the Kitchen Tablet

There are now literally thousands of cooking apps available in the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone markets. While the paperless shopping list is arguably one of the best conveniences of smartphones, the small screen can be somewhat limiting when using a cookbook app in the kitchen. If you're an avid cook, replacing your cookbooks with a tablet will change the way you use your kitchen. Here are a couple of free cooking apps I love.

My CookBook
No more cruddy cookbook pages that stick together with remnants of meals you cooked years ago. This is the only app that lets you build your own personal recipe database, and it's super easy to use on an Android tablet. You can search for recipes, import ones you like from the web, add photos, customize ingredients and serving sizes, post recipes to Facebook, and even use the speech feature to have a recipe read to you while you cook. It's free to download and well reviewed.

iFood Assistant
Designed specifically for your Android Tablet, this app features over 7,000 recipes, the ability to cinch with your shopping list, and easy how-to videos you can follow along with while you're cooking. Also free to download and well reviewed by other users.

Experiencing these apps on an Android tablet will make experimenting in the kitchen and organizing your favorite recipes a synch. Want a tablet to make your time in the kitchen easier? Take advantage of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Deals offered exclusively by your local Car-Tel Communications AT&T Retailers for a limited time.

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