Wednesday, March 20, 2013

6 Unique Features of the New BlackBerry Z10

"I am really looking forward to the Blackberry Z10. It's a very get-to-the-point type of device. It's like having a personal secretary, especially with the customization and features this phone will offer. Plus I am highly looking forward to the new camera features!" - Lindsey Achuff, Sales Representative at Car-Tel Communications, Delran
BlackBerry is back! After briefly stepping out of the smartphone game (they haven't released a new model on AT&T since the Bold 9900), RIM has dropped their company name and has fully committed to the BlackBerry brand. They've updated their signature smartphone concept, and are finally back on the scene with the release of the BlackBerry Z10 slated for this coming weekend. 

BlackBerry Z10, available March 22 for AT&T customers

One reason BlackBerry loyalists have championed the brand over Apple and Android is the alternative operating system. BlackBerry 10 has been "re-designed, re-engineered and re-invented" to offer customers a faster and smarter new platform that will continuously adapt to their needs. Rory Kelsey, Sales Representative at Car-Tel Communications' Center City location, has been anticipating BlackBerry's new operating system for months, and accordingly, has a lot to say about it:
"Blackberry's Z10 and the new BB10 operating system is based on a complete redesign of the platform and incorporates features that the handset maker has been working on for years. They acquired the QNX platform in 2010, which is used in everything from vending machines to fighter jets, and built their new OS on that foundation.  It is one of the most reliable and respected systems in the entire tech industry, and BlackBerry has put together a great piece of hardware to run it. The phone and OS are stylish, sophisticated and more intuitive than on any BlackBerry we've ever seen, with integrated email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and BBM. The screen is higher resolution than the iPhone's touted "Retina" display, and the virtual keyboard is completely revolutionary. There is no doubt it will be a contender against the 3 smartphone giants, Apple, Android and Windows phone, and BlackBerry has made it clear that they are in it to win it."
Here are 6 of the most exciting new features available on the BlackBerry Z10:

BlackBerry Hub is a convenient new component of the BlackBerry OS, acting as a central location for your emails and other messages. You can use a simple swipe gesture from any app to quickly peek at your hub, and easily go back to what you were doing.

BlackBerry Touchscreen Keyboard learns how you write, and adapts to your own personal typing style so you can communicate faster and with more accuracy.

BBM Video and Screen Share are new advances made to BlackBerry Messenger, a traditional feature of the brand's devices about which enthusiasts have raved for a long time. Now you can chat face to face with your BBM friends, and even share your screen content.

Time Shift and BlackBerry Story Maker make taking photos and creating memories easier than ever. Time Shift is a very cool, unique feature that captures the moments before and after you snap a photo, so you can choose the best shot. Story Maker lets you sequence those moments to create a video with just a few swipes.

BlackBerry Balance lets you seamlessly switch between using your Z10 for work and your personal life without compromising the security of your business-related content when connected to BlackBerry Enterprise.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service provides AT&T business and government customers with secure access to work email, firewall-protected apps and data, and offers other security and management features

We are very excited for this weekend's launch of the fastest and most advanced BlackBerry device yet! Get yours at your local Car-Tel AT&T store, or come visit any time for a demo of the new BlackBerry Z10.

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