Friday, December 26, 2008

Blackberry Application Alert!

SlingPlayer™ Mobile lets you watch and control your home TV and DVR via your Slingbox™ on your BlackBerry® smartphone. The Slingbox™ is a home device from Sling Media that lets you watch your television programming via the internet on connected devices such as computers and cell phones. Picture watching your favorite shows and movies on your Blackberry® during the morning drive to work, or waiting for the kids’ soccer practice to end!

It is strongly recommend that when connecting to your Slingbox you use a 3G cellular or WiFi connection that meets Sling Media’s minimum network download speed requirements.

Currently recommended Blackberry® handsets include:

· Blackberry® 9000 Bold

· Blackberry® 8820

· Blackberry® 8320 Curve

· Blackberry® 8120 Pearl


· A PC on your home network with SlingPlayer 2.0 for Windows installed for:

· Setting up Internet Viewing on your Slingbox

· Managing Slingbox and Mobile Favorites with your Sling Account

· A high-speed (broadband) Internet connection of at least 256Kb upstream speed at home

Note: SlingPlayer 2.0 for Windows is required for creating and editing your Mobile Favorites lists. If you have a Mac OS computer, you are welcome to download and use SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry®, but you will not have access to Favorites within the application.

Just one more way Blackberry® makes life easier.

Come in to Car-Tel and ask about the others!

Until then, Happy Texting!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Your Driver Just Hit a Tree....

Vehicle tracking is an old trick at this point, but that's not to say there's no demand out there in the enterprise space. Announced today, the TeleNav Vehicle Tracker has been added to the carrier's portfolio of enterprise mobility services. Said GPS-enabled device can be hard-wired or embedded onto a vehicle to provide "companies of all sizes with a hassle-free method for monitoring and managing fleet operations." Specifically, it can log and report via email or SMS (on AT&T's network, obviously) when an employee violates an established policy (speed, stop time, mileage, etc.) and provide "detailed information about vehicle activity, including whether the engine is turned on or doors are open." The tracker will run customers $399, with a monthly service fee of around $34 per device. Happy Texting!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

2G Network Gets a New Set of Wheels

There’s a light for people who haven’t upgraded to a 3G phone yet!!! The EDGE network is receiving another power boost. Nokia Siemens Networks has successfully tested a software-only upgrade to the 2G network. “Downlink Dual Carrier” software should increase the legacy EDGE network speeds to 592kbps on the downlink. This is the second upgrade the EDGE network has seen in its’ existence, and it promises to be a quick, easy, and painless conversion. Although 3G is still far faster, this upgrade will improve network speeds in areas where the newer networks haven’t reached as of yet. So, your wait will become slightly easier if you haven’t reached the date for your upgrade eligibility. Need to know when you can upgrade? E-mail with Upgrade Eligibility in the subject line for more information. You can also visit for store contact information, and speak directly with your local Car-Tel communications representative. Happy Texting!