Monday, December 8, 2008

2G Network Gets a New Set of Wheels

There’s a light for people who haven’t upgraded to a 3G phone yet!!! The EDGE network is receiving another power boost. Nokia Siemens Networks has successfully tested a software-only upgrade to the 2G network. “Downlink Dual Carrier” software should increase the legacy EDGE network speeds to 592kbps on the downlink. This is the second upgrade the EDGE network has seen in its’ existence, and it promises to be a quick, easy, and painless conversion. Although 3G is still far faster, this upgrade will improve network speeds in areas where the newer networks haven’t reached as of yet. So, your wait will become slightly easier if you haven’t reached the date for your upgrade eligibility. Need to know when you can upgrade? E-mail with Upgrade Eligibility in the subject line for more information. You can also visit for store contact information, and speak directly with your local Car-Tel communications representative. Happy Texting!

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