Monday, February 11, 2013

Nokia's Free Streaming Music Service

What I really love about my Lumia 900 are the Nokia exclusives that come with it. A somewhat recent addition was Nokia Music Mix Radio, a free streaming music service that gives Pandora a run for its money, in my opinion. You can play free music anywhere with your mobile data, but streaming music can end up burning through a lot of data depending on how long you are listening, so I recommend making sure you're connected to WiFi or a Mobile Hotspot most of the time with this app.

You can create your own mixes based on a selection of your favorite artists, or you can select from over 100 music channels based on genre (from hip hop to indie to jazz), featured mixes (like music for Valentine's Day or Grammys 2013), and even artists' recommendations (you'd be surprised about what Lady Gaga listens to). If you hear something you really like, you can easily jump to the Nokia Music Store to purchase the tracks. There's also a really cool feature called Gig Finder, where you can find shows and tour dates of artists you like, or just what's going on around you locally.

If you've recently taken advantage of the Nokia Lumia 920 BOGO Sale, an exclusive promotion at Car-Tel Communications AT&T retailers, then you should definitely check out Nokia Music (especially the Dance/Electronic Charts mix - it's my favorite at the moment).

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