Monday, February 10, 2014

February is for Lovers!

Happy Valentines Day, Car-tel Lovers!

This month is all about love and romance, right? Well, maybe for some that means love for their significant other but, for us it's a love for all things cellular! It's not too late to come up with a really personal and sweet valentine for your secretly admired and here is how you can do it. 

The Red Stamp application is your ticket for the LoVe TrAiN come February 14th. This app allows you totally customize your valentine with design, print, colors, pictures and more. Of course it's available to send via text or email but for you old school Casanova's out there get this- it even allows you to have it signed, sealed and delivered in the mail to your sweety for a nominal price!

Next up on this love fest, is an application that our staff has picked. Flipagram is a digital flipbook that you compile pictures to make a video and set to music that you like. This is a great gesture for Valentines day for everyone. Whether its your first Valentines day together or your tenth, Flipagram is a sweet and modern way to look back on all your memories.

Lastly, we want to tell you all about an amazing new phone from LG, called the G Flex. This phone is super cool and a great gift for your tech-lovin' valentine. First of all, it's called the Flex because the phone is actually (kind of) flexible. It has a curved shape to fit the shape of your face and if you want to straighten it out, you just lay it face down and apply pressure to the back of the phone. This actually takes the curve out of the phone! Some other great features are the dual screen option; with this you can watch a video on Youtube and text your friend at the same time. That was actually enough to sell me on this phone but, that's not all this phone does! It's got a polymer backing which can self-heal minor scratches and dings. Because it's motivated by heat, simply apply light or body heat to the scratched surface and the polymer will expand enough to heal the scratch. I mean if thats not cool, I don't know what it!

Also- everyone NEEDS to come in to your local Car-tel Store to find out how we can save you money on your existing monthly plan. We have some seriously loveable new options for smartphone users and all it takes is for you to come in and ask. See you soon!

Until next time, folks!

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