Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Resolution Helpers!

Happy New Year, everyone!

It's about halfway through January of 2014, how are we all doing on our New Years Resolutions? Some of us might be really diligent and doing exactly what we said we would, others of us might be struggling to stay on track. And, if you're like me, you might not have exactly started on your goals yet. But, lets not get down on ourselves! Today we are going to be reviewing some smartphone applications that will help get us started and stay on track so we can end up where we want to be. Whether your resolution was to quit smoking, lose weight, volunteer more, be more financially savvy or keep in touch with friends and family, there is an application for it! Sometimes we hear about an app and think 'But am I really going to use it?'. I think the answer is yes! If you think about how many times a day you go into your smart phone and check your Facebook newsfeed, you might be able to find some time to check your Calorie counter app or your money manager app. You have to commit to your goal and these applications are your tools to do that! Lets check it out....

My New Years Resolution is....

To Quit Smoking: LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach.
Why we like it: This application is really customizable to your lifestyle. We all know some tricks and tips are not "one-size-fits-all" and this app gets that. Whether you want to stop cold turkey or just cut down on your nicotine intake, this app allows you to incorporate you particular lifestyle with the change you want to make.

To Lose Weight: MyFitness Pal
Why we like it: This is the fastest and easiest-to-use calorie counter for iPhone. With the largest food database, amazingly quick food and exercise entry, this is hands down the best app out there. I've used this myself and I felt more in control and conscious of my daily food intake, and I really saw results. Guess I should take my own advice, and get back on it!

To Volunteer More: VolunteerMatch
Why we like it: VolunteerMatch is an organization that connects you to almost 100,00 nonprofit organizations that could use your help. With the app, you can search for opportunities in your area, share your plans with friends, save ideas for later, and even read reviews from other volunteers about their experiences.

To Be Financially Savvy: BUDGT
Why we like it: Financial tracking can be complicated and scary for most of us, so the reason we like this app is because its simple, clear, and it works. Create and manage your monthly budget with your income, monthly expenses and other categories you customize on your own. Colorful infographics help you make sense of your money.

To Spend More Time with Family: Cozi
Why we like it: We are all busy and sometimes writing our schedules on the calendar in the kitchen doesn't always help keep us connected. With Cozi, you invite your family members to access and edit a family calendar, shopping list, to do lists, journal of special moments and no one is left out. Its a great way to know what everyone is up to so you can find some time where you can all come together at the same time, same place.

Leave your comments below and tell us how you are doing after using one of these apps!

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