Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What a Vu!!!

Recently I was handed every cell phone enthusiast’s dream responsibility in the form of the LG Vu. My mission, since I chose to accept, was to personally discover the ins and outs of LG’s newest touch phone and compare them to that of the released information on the 3G iPhone. This was no small task, but now all of you special people can reap the benefits of my research in your upcoming purchases. For this I am happy :o) Anyway, back to the comparison at hand.

First, we’ll begin with the LG Vu. It’s easier this way because it’s sitting in front of me. The Vu is an extremely impressive phone. The picture quality and touch response on the 3” screen are very good. This makes watching the Mobile TV network, browsing the internet, viewing movies, and navigating the menu simple and enjoyable. A major test for most internet capable phones is the use of YouTube Mobile, and the Vu handles it just fine on the 3G Network. Oh wait, I forgot to mention you can do all of these, along with calling, simultaneously.

The Vu’s capabilities are very impressive and the Mobile TV is flawless! Music can be uploaded via USB by syncing to Windows Media Player 10 (or above) and simply dragging them to a built in sync panel. Once saved to the Vu, all music is searchable and played through the AT&T Music Player. The built in player is equipped with the ability to sort music by Artist, Album or Genre, can produce playlists, and also has a built in equalizer for playback options. Although, what's audio without video? Mobile TV offers 12 channels of streaming television programming from names such as: ESPN, Nickelodeon, CNN, Fox, and more. Every channel comes in just as good if not better than basic cable on the 3G Network. Differences between the LG Vu and the 3G iPhone are pretty extensive, but anyone interested in upgrading should know at least a select few.

The 2008 iPhone does utilize the same 3G network for fast internet speeds and data transfer. Although, the iPhone does not have a replaceable battery to solve charge memory issues, a removable SDcard to open space for saved data, the ability to take videos, or the ability to send picture and video messages. On top of having the ability to actually DO all of this, the LG Vu has 12 channels of streaming quality television. If you ask me, this is a no brainer.

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