Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We Want To Help Save You Money (and Trees)!

Today I came across an article on about a popular trend in Southern Korea that could potentially be a great way to not only immediately save customers money, but save a few trees as well. What is this trend? Coupons, or I should say “mobile” coupons.

Customers have a bar code sent to their phone (similar to the plane ticket concept I wrote about a few months back) via text message and have it scanned at the register. It saves paper and also keeps customers’ wallets full.

When I stumbled upon this article, it reminded me of our website. Although our coupons don’t reach our customers via text message, we still give the option to print out coupons and bring them into our stores. Plus, Car-Tel believes in being green and knowing we save a few trees by having our coupons online puts a smile on our faces.

Currently, we have our "Refer a Friend and Receive $20" coupon on our homepage. Just have your friend print it out, have them fill in your name (if you referred them to us) and then have them bring it to any of our seven convenient locations. When we check our system and see your name listed as a referral, we will send you $20 as a thank you.

We want to know what kind of coupons you would be interested for using in our stores. Comment on here or write us at and let us know what kind of awesome deals you want to receive.

Kimberly Salesky
Marketing Assistant

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