Friday, April 11, 2008

Your Cell Phone Could Be a Real Lifesaver

When the horrific events of September 11th unfolded, we found ourselves distraught, confused and torn as a nation. Many of us heard the terrible news a few hours after it had happened. While we were lucky to have countless heroes to aid our country during that time of crisis, it was unfortunate we were not alerted sooner. Imagine if there was an alert system that had been established that could have been transmitted immediately and possibly protected more lives.

Fortunately, an alert system has been created and recently brought to our attention. On Wednesday April 9th, 2008, the FCC announced that a nationwide alert system will be available to cell phone users. Major cell phone carriers, such as AT&T, will be offering customers these national alerts via text message.

The alerts include:

-Disasters that could endanger the safety and health of Americans (i.e. terrorist attacks);
-Natural threats, such as a hurricane or tornado;
-Amber alerts.

Soon your cell phone could be a hero, whether it saves your life or the life of another. As many of us take our cell phones practically everywhere we go, this alert system will keep us up-to-date on crucial events taking place in our country. This feature could even potentially prevent the jeopardizing of lives as well as preparing us for the worst in advance.

Imagine the possibilities. You’re alone in the woods—no radio, no television—and you receive a text message stating that we’re under a “Severe Risk” for terrorist attack. The immediacy this text message would give you in such a situation will prime you to find a safe haven.

I know I will be subscribing to this feature—I will be prepared and could even spread the word to others who may not be aware of any potential/current disasters. If we all subscribe to this feature and “alert” one another as well, perhaps we could all help save a life. Perhaps it will help us unite as a nation during times of crisis.

What do you think about this national alert system? Do you think it will make a difference? Are you thinking about adding it to your current cell phone plan?

Kimberly Salesky
Marketing Assistant


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