Monday, April 7, 2008

Help Our Environment and Community

While April showers bring May flowers, the Car-Tel recycling project promotes a better environment. We have launched our cell phone recycling project, Project P.H.O.N.E. (Protecting the Health of Our Natural Environment) and hope to see many of your old cell phones enter our recycling bins.

Why? Cell phone recycling is a growing concern, which I addressed in a previous blog entry, “Is Your Old Cell Phone Eco-Friendly?”. Did you know that the cadmium from a single cell phone battery can contaminate up to 600,000 gallons of water? This startling statistic from EnviroSmart is just a fraction of this issue. There is something you can do to help reduce this statistic and many others. Bring your old cell phones and accessories to any of our seven convenient locations and just drop them in the recycling bins inside. Easy, right? Not to mention you won’t have to worry about all those old phones lying around the house anymore.

Project P.H.O.N.E. not only supports a healthier environment for everyone, but also helps contribute to the community. For every phone or accessory we receive, we will donate $1 toward helping these charities:

-The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
-Earth Island Institute
-Habitat for Humanity
-Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund
-One Laptop Per Child
-Partners in Health

With such an easy and rewarding way to help your world, you can’t go wrong with Project P.H.O.N.E. at Car-Tel Communications. Help us spread the word by telling your friends and family. You can even email us about receiving posters and brochures to hang at your facilities, whether you’re a school, library, business, doctor’s office—anyone. For more information on Project P.H.O.N.E., visit our recycling page or email Together we can make a difference!

Don’t forget Earth Day is April 22nd—perfect for helping the environment and community by recycling those old phones!

Kimberly Salesky
Marketing Assistant

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