Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday is for AT&T Customers

It’s Friday!!!

This app choice today is inspired both by AT&T and by the fact that it’s payday. Payday usually means we've got to take a look at our bills, and make some payments. Sometimes our smaller bills, like a cell phone bill, can be harder to remember. Why is that? I was going to say “cam be harder to remember because..” and then I realized I don’t know why- it just is!

Anyway. The app I am featuring today is the MyAT&T app. It’s an all inclusive payment, FAQ, customer service type app.

With it you can see your data use; This is huge! Especially with shared plans, if you want to see who the culprit is that is constantly going over the data, you can do that! If you want to check when payment is due and whether it not it was submitted, you can do that! Also, what’s great is there’s a tab for store locations & appointments. This is SO useful if you find yourself at work, suddenly your phone stops working and you want to go to the closest location nearest you but you have to be back by the time your lunch break is over, you can do that! Just call the store, let them know you’re coming in; or simply make an appointment for what is available through the app and you know you won’t be waiting long!

Check out this app and all it’s fun features, I promise it will come in handy! Better yet, stop by one of our Car-Tel Stores and allow us to install and demo the whole thing for you!

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