Tuesday, July 10, 2012

3 Awesome Things about the Samsung Galaxy S III

 The Samsung Galaxy S III has been the most anticipated addition to the Android roster so far this year, and the wait is (phew) over. Here are 3 things about the S III that we think are awesome, awesome, awesome:

I. This Screen is HUGE!

The S III's predecessor offered an impressive 4.3" screen, which has now evolved to an incredible 4.8". Paired with its intuitive revamp of Android's standard 4-button interface, the display experience on the Galaxy S III is out of this world.

II. Great Camera Quality

The S II had incredible video quality, and now the S III's is even better! The front-facing camera, at 1.9 MP, is superior to most others, and the 8 MP cam provides a fantastic photo/video experience.

III. Intuitive Tricks

The S III is more of a genius phone than a smartphone. If you have a text message open, for example, and you lift the phone to your ear, it will sense that and automatically call the contact you were texting. If you get an unwanted call, placing the phone face down will reject it. We love these little tricks, and they really set the S III apart.

Want to learn more? Full specs for the Samsung Galaxy S III are available in the products gallery at car-tel.com.

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