Monday, April 2, 2012

Car-Tel's Appli-pedia

The amount of applications (apps) for all smartphone platforms has been exploding for quite some time. The sheer number of options is staggering, and it can be an overwhelming task to figure out which is the best app for photo editing, which games are the most fun and popular, or which app is best for streaming movies and TV shows. At Car-Tel Communications it is our mission, in part, to make sense of all this constantly changing information for our wireless customers. One way we've been doing this is by providing Top-10-style "app sheets" for customers who visit our retail locations. We've decided to share the wealth, and we've compiled all of our informational app sheets into one great resource for smartphone users: The Car-Tel Appli-pedia! Browse the links below to learn about the best apps by category, or check out our Employee Picks lists, which feature our own Car-Tel representatives' 10 favorite apps each month!

Top Apps for Android Phones
Top Apps for BlackBerry Phones
Top Apps for iPhones
Top Apps for Windows Phones
Top Apps for Tablet PCs
Top Apps for Android Tablets
Top Apps for the Samsung Galaxy Note
Apps for Small Businesses
Top Finance Apps
Top Social Mobile Apps
Top Travel Apps
Top Shopping Apps
Top Photo Apps
Apps for Pet Lovers
Top Movie Apps
Most Popular Games
Top Fitness Apps
Apps for Foodies
Top Sports Apps

Employee Picks - September 2011
Employee Picks - October 2011
Employee Picks - November 2011
Employee Picks - December 2011
Employee Picks - January 2012
Employee Picks - February 2012
Employee Picks - March 2012

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