Friday, October 10, 2008

Too Bad this clock doesn't turn back for Fall.

People today don’t really spend any time worrying about the national debt, mainly because you never see it unless you live in New York City. The National Debt Clock in Time Square was installed in 1989 by Seymour Durst to keep a running tab on how much debt our government had accrued over the years. At that point in time, the figure sat at roughly 2.7 trillion dollars. Yesterday, October 9th 2008, the operator of the clock was forced to drop the dollar sign from the figure which has exceeded 10 trillion dollars, because the clock has run out of space!

The Durst foundation plans on replacing the clock with a 15 digit updated version next year, but dropping the dollar sign will work until then. 10 trillion dollars is such a large number to imagine though, so allow me to put things in perspective. A 10.25 trillion dollar debt in our country, with roughly 305 million citizens, equates to about $34,000 per person. Good thing you have a personal sales representative at Car-Tel to analyze your wireless bill and save you cold hard cash. Happy Texting!

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