Monday, March 3, 2008

Hands-Free--It's the Law!

I’m sure many of you have noticed the flashing signs on Interstate 295 reading: “Put the Cell Phone Down: Go Hands Free or $100 Fine.” While these signs were spotted as early as last Monday, the law didn’t go into effect until this past Saturday, March 1, 2008. The law states that drivers talking or texting on their cell phones could receive a $100 fine with a $250 surcharge unless they are hands-free.

Since 2004, it has been an offense to drive and use your handset, but it was a secondary offense up until now. A secondary offense means an officer can only fine you for being on your phone if he pulled you over for driving recklessly and places your cell phone as the culprit. Now it is a primary offense meaning you can get fined for just being on your phone and not driving recklessly at all.

As this is frustrating for many of us, there is a solution—Bluetooth®. I, too, am guilty of not owning a headset, but I’ve begun browsing our awesome selection of Bluetooth® headsets. I’ve got my eye on the Jawbone and the Motorola H700. Both have fantastic noise reduction and an abundance of talk and standby time. All of our headsets are easy-to-use and are compatible with most AT&T phones. Your headset will be worth every penny, saving you a traffic ticket and possibly your life.

We believe in keeping our customers not only happy, but safe as well. Please be careful while out on the road and remember to go hands-free. We hope to “connect” with you soon!

Kimberly Salesky
Marketing Assistant

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