Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cellular Love

St. Valentine’s Day has arrived and I’m sure many of you are planning the perfect way to tell that special someone how you feel. A homemade card, flowers, a romantic dinner, a poem—the possibilities are endless. While these traditional methods are truly from the heart, there are lots of ways you can use your cell phone to make your Valentine’s Day unique, fun and of course heart-warming.

Today, text, picture and video messaging are the new greeting card. You can send a quick, heartfelt text message to your crush. A picture is worth a thousand words, so why not make that special guy or gal speechless with a loving picture message. Take your devotion a step further with a video message and sweep your sweetheart off their feet.

Be super-creative with these awesome features. Use the messaging features to give that special someone clues to find their gift—like a scavenger hunt—or send a video singing a romantic song and even show-off your talented dance moves. They’ll be sure to say, “Be mine.” How would you use your phone to send love on this romantic holiday? Do you have a sweet or funny story about using your phone’s features to tell someone how you feel?

We at Car-Tel Communications wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day—we love our customers and what better holiday to tell you that we appreciate your loyalty. Have a safe, happy and heartfelt holiday!

Spread the love with these sweet text messages:

FTBOMYH -- From the bottom of my heart

ILU -- I love you.

IMU -- I miss you.

KOTC -- Kiss on the check

KOTL -- Kiss on the lips

QT -- Cutie

TOY -- Thinking of you

XOXOXO -- Hugs and kisses

Kimberly Salesky
Marketing Assistant

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